Playing for the competition only

In some land-based casinos and gambling houses, one will find poker tables that are influenced by loose-aggressive players. These same players treat money as a thing to play with. They are not interested in the probability of losing money. Thus, it is possible to gain financially in such a poker table, if one knows the strategy to use. But the first thing to do is to identify if indeed one is put on a table influenced by loose-aggressive players.

A loose-aggressive player is not careful with his bankroll. His important reasons for playing poker are entertainment and competition. This is why it can be found at poker games with high table stakes. But this does not mean that high stakes poker games are dominated by loose-aggressive players. However, when one or two loose-aggressive players come to a table, there is a big tendency that the whole game of poker can become loose-aggressive.

The motivation of the loose-aggressive player is the thrill of making his opponents nervous due to the large amount of money at stake. In response, opponents wanted to show that they are not intimidated by this loose-aggressive player. These opponents also throw away attention and bet aggressively, even with fragile hands. Thus, the whole poker table becomes loose-aggressive. One or two players are aggressive and the rest is on an inclination.

To win at such a poker table, one should not be intimidated by the loose-aggressive player. But one should not be tempted to prove it. One should have the mental discipline to carry out a strategy. And here are some ideas that a poker must keep in mind.

– The value of his cards is crucial. Reaching the river is expensive, with many increases made in the previous rounds. As a result, his cards should not play with moderately strong hands only. To decide if one should play pocket cards, one must decide whether one will get up with such cards or not. If the answer is not “no”, then one should quit because if it will be called using such cards, there is a strong chance that one of the opponents will raise.

– If one has a choice regarding seating position, one should make sure that one is placed after the loose-aggressive player has acted. In such a position, one will have a pretty good idea about how much money will be involved when deciding to play pocket cards. But if one has to act before an aggressive player, one must make sure that one is strong holding cards.

– Pot odds are important. When the pot is large and there are more than four players who have decided to stay, one can call a raise if one is on a draw. But if the dish is small and one is on a draw, getting up or even calling is not worth the risk.

Other techniques can be learned and developed by the poker player when he gained more gaming experience.